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Quality Fleet Repair & Maintenance for Your Business


Fleet Maintenance Plans

Are you interested in the highest levels of dependable service from Orange County’s leading fleet repair provider? Look no further than Empire Auto Repair Center, where customer satisfaction comes first. Your business will be more efficient and productive with our special attention to vehicle maintenance. We strive to stay ahead of any costly repairs by treating your vehicles with a strategy that depends on vehicle usage, age, and make. The goal is to always have your fleet in working order. Any time that your fleet vehicle spends in a garage and not on the road is simply money that’s being lost. Continual operation can only be guaranteed by a systematic maintenance routine. As you focus on growing your business, we’ll focus on keeping you on the road by developing a plan that will help eliminate all vehicle operation concerns.


Fleet Service Experts

Our ASE certified mechanics are prepared to work on any and all fleet light or medium truck issues you may be having. Empire Auto Repair Center has the experience to provide the fleet repair that many Orange county businesses are asking for. We combine the latest technology, including the latest diagnostic tools, with our veteran level experience to get your fleet cars and trucks back on the road as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When your customers depend on the reliability of your fleet, it’s important that you can rely on a fleet maintenance service provider like Empire Auto Repair Center. We hold ourselves to the highest standard for you.


Taking Care of Your Business

Empire Auto is a premium car care professional in Orange County, and is part of a nationwide service network. We understand not only the need to repair your fleet, but also to extend the life of your vehicles. Many Orange county businesses will only focus on keeping their vehicles on the road for the day or the week. With so many other things to consider while running a business, that strategy may be easiest. But any quality mechanic knows that pushing maintenance down the road will only cause everything to catch up with you at the worst time. Let us help you stay productive and profitable by maintaining your fleet. Contact us today and make an appointment for the best in Orange County fleet repair and maintenance services.


We work with the following fleet management companies:

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